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2 Day Super Jeep Winter + Glaciar Walk

Rambling lava fields, mountain lakes & soothing hots springs
Landmannalaugar Tours – Super Jeep tour to visit Landmannalaugar

Tours in Landmannalaugar



4X4 Titan Truck Tour, 1 Epic Glacier Hike, all your hearty meals (excluding breakfast on day 1 and dinner on night 2), Landmannalaugar Hut – 1 night sta (sleeping bag provided).


Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night - 8.00am pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík.


Participants: 4-20 persons.

Minimum age requirement: 12 years (50% discount)

Difficulty level: Viking (Challenging).


Season: From October 15th to May 31st.

Landmannalaugar Tours – Super Jeep tour to visit Landmannalaugar

134.900 ISK per person

This is it folks! Iceland's most arduous yet rewarding winter adventure. Where we're going we don't need cars. We need modified, ice-grinding, snow-tracking, heavy-duty monster jeeps! And when we get there we're going to need a whole lot more.


Where is 'there' you ask? We are going to the southern regions of Iceland to Landmannalaugar. Where together we shall climb the crystal ice-glaciers of Sólheimajökull. Where enchanting waterfalls of Skógar and Seljalandsfoss will allow us to reflect in the 'Pearls of the Highlands', and where following our  on-foot challenging journey, awaits a luxuriating long dip in the Geothermal Pools.


If fate and the weather permits, we will be granted an evening of natural wonder in the symphony of lights, the Aurora Borealis. Because Landmannalaugar is so far away from the lights of the city, the clarity of the night sky is astounding.This is a tour that will stay with you. After this journey, you will be impressed by more than the beauty of Iceland, you will be impressed with yourself. Like many people since, who dared to take on such an active expedition, you’ll surprised youself.


Motivation is a great tool and doing these adventure tours is an excellent way to build team spirit and camaraderie. It is therefore a good idea to bring a number of friends along so you can push each other together. Included in this tour are stops at the Golden Circle the first day and a visit to part of the South coast including a nice hike on crampons. We will even try to ice climbing the ice walls at Sólheimajökull glacier on the day two.


We will also stop at the powerful Skógar waterfall and walk behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. There will be great opportunity to talk around a bit afterwards, as we stop at Eyrarbakki in route to Reykjavik, where we will have the fortune to feast upon North Atlantic lobster at a seaside restaurant.

So bring the following supplies, and bring your A-game. Iceland awaits.


Included Equipment:


- Sleeping bags.


Bring with you:


- Warm layers of clothes (thermal underwear). Wool or synthetic.

- Wind and rainproof (Gore-Tex or similar)outer shells.

- Warm wool or synthetic socks, hats and gloves (at least two pairs).

- Thermal or wool middle layer and inner layer.

- Sturdy and waterproof hiking boots are a must and it is good to have slippers for the lodge.

- Travel pillows, ear plugs and pajamas are also good things to bring along as toothbrush and toothpaste.

- Don’t forget your bathing suit and a towel.




- Sunglasses.

– Big enough to cover the eyes and with sufficient UV-protection.

- Sun protection.

- Water container.

– Pet plastic bottle.

- Walking poles. Gaiters.

– Calf or knee height and wide enough for your boots.

- Pen knife. Sun/rain hat or a cap.

- Camera, spare batteries, a memory card or films.

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