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Super Jeep Tour to Landmannalaugar

Rambling lava fields, mountain lakes & soothing hot springs

Super Jeep Tour Landmannalaugar

Tours in Landmannalaugar

Join us for an adventure filled journey that gives you a sneak peek into the winter experiences that are unique to Iceland!


Duration: 12 hours. Departure at 09:00am from Reykjavik.

What's included: Pick-up from Reykjavik, driver guided super jeep safari and a visit to Hekla, Landmannalaugar Hot Springs and Hjálparfoss waterfall.

You need to bring: warm clothing, waterproof pants and jacket, head wear, gloves, shoes for light hiking, towel and swimsuit.

Landmannalaugar Tours – Super Jeep tour to visit Landmannalaugar

39.990 ISK per person

Mid-winter is a mysterious and magical time, dominated by the night and all its wonders. The Northern Lights aluminate the heavens with a blanketed backdrop of majestic stars. Take in all of this in your bathing suit, while taking a dip in one of Iceland’s geothermal springs.


After being picked up at your hotel in Reykjavik, we start our trek in the Thjorsardalur valley, where the Hekla volcano is one of the stand-out natural features in this lush area where Iceland’s horses loved to graze. We continue onto the Sprengisandur desert, an area famed in medieval Europe for being the “entrance to hell”. Hekla is one of Iceland’s most active volcanos, boasting approximately 20 eruptions since the 9th century.            


Traveling in our fully equipped Super Jeeps, you sail over the wintry Icelandic terrain with ease, experiencing glacial rivers and snowy hills and a smooth off-roading trip without a worry. Our qualified highland team is ready for any challenge that the island can throw at them, allowing you to enjoy and take in the winter scenery around you on the way to Landmannlaugar.


We break for lunch at the Hrauneyjar Highland Center before driving through expansive lava fields blanked with snow. Finally we reach the real Icelandic Highlands as we approach the Fjallabak Nature Reserve and the “pear of the highlands”.


Plenty of breaks will be provided, allowing you to explore the natural wonders and take a rejuvenating dip in the natural geothermal hot springs. The explosion crater Ljótipollur is not to be missed and the majestic Þjórsárdalur provides many delights for the eye. A favorite of all of Iceland’s visitors and provides many opportunities for any amateur photographers. We’ll take one final pit stop at Hrauneyjar, the well-known highland hotel. This trip through Landmannalaugar in the winter is something that is not to be missed by anyone who loves a silvery winter adventure through beautiful scenery and geological wonders.   




All hiking and off-road trips are undertaken at the risk of the participants. We do not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by travelers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants must sign a waiver before undertaking all trips, stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.     

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