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Private Landmannalaugar & Hekla Super Jeep

Rambling lava fields, mountain lakes & soothing hots springs

Private Landmannalaugar Super Jeep

This tour operates all year round!

A mountain range of spectacular colours provides the backdrop for our adventure. Taking approximately 2 hours, our easy going trek will lead us through a thrilling maze of lava. 


Duration: 11 hours. Departure at 8:30 am

What's included: Driving tour guide, 4X4 truck & service fee at LandmannalaugarPick-up & drop-off at hotels or guesthouses in Reykjavik.

You need to bring: Towel, swimsuit, warm clothing, food for the day and shoes for light hiking.

Participants: VIP Groups (4 passengers max)

Difficulty: Easy

Season: June to October

160.500 ISK per Jeep

Our journey takes us through a desert like volcanic landscape for more than 30km before we reach Landmannalaugar. Powerful geysirs and glacial streams all add to the unique beauty of this fascinating place. We will then have plenty of time to unwind in a naturally heated hot spring before heading back.


Our 4x4 vehicles are specially modified with big sized wheels and are fully capable of handling the Icelandic wilderness. We think this amazing experience will make make you love Iceland even more. On the way we will make a few stops. One will be the huge crater lake Ljótipollur. From here we will have spectacular views over the Southern Highlands, the pearl of Iceland.


From the warm pools of Landmannalaugur we make our way to one of Iceland´s most infamous volcanoes. Mount Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, rivalling both Vesuvius and Etna with its ferocity.


With an endless display of colour, geo thermal activity and naturally heated pools Landmannalaugar is a must see.

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