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Why can't you dip your hair in the Blue Lagoon?

Updated: Mar 22

Iceland's Blue Lagoon is a wonderland of geothermal seawater, offering visitors a surreal and therapeutic bathing experience. However, the same mineral-rich waters that pamper your skin can wreak havoc on your hair. Understanding how to protect your locks from potential dryness and damage is key to enjoying the lagoon without any hair-related regrets.

While the Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly Iceland's most famous geothermal spa, the land of fire and ice hides several other natural lagoon gems waiting to be explored and that won't cause such havoc to your hair. Among those, you can opt for a tour to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon or the less known fjallsarlon. Or you can just take notes on our tips and recommendations that guarantee healthy hair!

So, without further ado, let's discover more about Iceland's Blue Lagoon!

dip your hair in the Blue Lagoon

The Effects of Mineral-Rich Waters on Hair

The geothermal waters of Iceland's lagoon are abundant in minerals like silica and sulfur. These elements are fantastic for skin health, aiding in detoxifying and improving skin texture. However, when it comes to hair, these minerals can bind to the hair shaft, causing it to feel stiff, dry, and tangled. The silica in particular can create a build-up that is difficult to wash out, leading to a straw-like texture.

Tips from Locals and Travelers for Optimal Hair Health

Both locals and seasoned travelers share a common piece of advice – preparation is paramount. Before you even step foot in the geothermal waters, apply a generous amount of hair conditioner. The conditioner acts as a barrier, preventing minerals from bonding to the hair.

If you've undergone hair treatments, such as keratin straightening or Brazilian blowouts, be extra cautious. These treatments can be sensitive to the minerals, so it's best to avoid submerging your hair altogether.

Once you've soaked in the lagoon's wonder, wash and condition your hair immediately after swimming. This will help counteract the effects of the minerals. For those with long hair, tying it up or using a swim cap can provide an additional layer of protection.

Hair Care Solutions at the Blue Lagoon

Debunking Myths: Real Hair Care Solutions at the Lagoon

There's a lot of hearsay about the effects of the Blue Lagoon on hair, but let's set the record straight. The water isn't harmful, but it can leave your hair in a less than desirable state if you don't take the necessary precautions.

Applying conditioner before dipping into the water, rinsing your hair thoroughly with fresh water afterwards, and using specialized hair care products from the Blue Lagoon's own line can keep your hair safe and sound.

Preventing Hair Damage During Your Visit

Social media, particularly TikTok, is rife with tales of hair transformations post-Blue Lagoon visit.

Some visitors have shared their stories of hair feeling brittle and dry for weeks after a swim without proper care. However, they also highlight that the memories and experiences outweigh the temporary hair troubles. Using clarifying shampoos and protein-free conditioners are among the tips shared for restoring hair condition post-visit.

While these personal anecdotes can be both entertaining and educational, they also underscore the importance of hair care when visiting geothermal sites like the Blue Lagoon. Taking the advice of these travelers can help ensure that your hair remains as healthy as your refreshed skin.

While the Blue Lagoon is a must-visit destination for its skin benefits and otherworldly beauty, it's vital to take care of your hair. Remember to apply conditioner, avoid submerging your hair if possible, rinse well after your dip, and use the right hair care products to ensure that your hair stays as healthy and vibrant as the memories you'll make in Iceland.



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